The Chihuly Collection’s Native Courtyard

  • CLIENT The Chihuly Collection
  • YEAR February 2022 to Present
  • WE DID Maintenance
  • PARTNERS Bruce Turley, Designer
  • DESCRIPTIONOur mentor and local native plants legend, Bruce Turley, designed this amazing native plants garden at the Chihuly Collection, located in the museum's courtyard. Open to museum visitors and most often frequented by children in summer camp programs, the garden features rare palms, many shades of wildflowers, go-to natives like cocoplum and rosinflower, and some rare ferns and vines. Wise Hands took on the maintenance of the garden in February 2022. It's one of our favorite places to spruce up because we get to showcase new plants in the pots and make sure everything is looking museum quality.
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