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Ruth S Rogg
Ruth S Rogg
I am a devotee of native plants living in a condo community filled with northern transplants who love northern annual plants. 2 or 3 years ago I was at Wilcox Nursery asking for help finding someone who could help me educate our community. I was led to Stefan of Wise Hands. I am not sure we have educated anyone but he and the crew have certainly created and maintained a lovely landscape for us And most importantly Stefan is available to work out problems pertaining to the different attitudes of our community. Our landscape is now Florida Friendly with some natives and some “northern annuals”. I give this company an A plus for knowledge, service and thoroughness. Thank you Stefan, Malory and the crew.
K L Hughes-Willey
K L Hughes-Willey
Our experiences with Wise Hands have been excellent. They are native plant experts and are a professional maintenance team. We're very pleased with their work, professionalism and attentive plant care.
Dan Pagano
Dan Pagano
We went from a grass yard to a native plant designscape. It turned out beautifully. Many compliments from the neighbors.
Sara Cowan
Sara Cowan
We have just started working with the team at Wise Hands, and we so appreciate their clear communication, flexibility, and expertise. Emails and questions are always addressed promptly. The team that comes out is delightful, creative and knowledgeable. Happy we found them and looking forward to transforming our place!
NATIVE PLANTS! Please support this business we need more native plant nurseries and these people know their stuff
Jon Carissimo
Jon Carissimo
The most knowledgeable people about plants I have ever met. You wouldn't think there would be as much to know, but if you want a low-maintenance landscape, these are the people you need to talk to. Their knowledge of native Florida plants will leave you with a yard looking great for years to come, with much less to up keep when you have the right plants. Highly recommend.
Kathleen Slaven
Kathleen Slaven
I am so impressed with the knowledge, expertise, communication, and caring of the owner, as well as staff, of Wise Hands. A wonderful friend referred me to them and I am thrilled!! I highly recommend the services of Wise Hands. I am a green "nut" and nature enthusiast to the core!! I shall share a photo soon!!.....Kathleen of Clearwater Beach, FL
Awesome staff and incredible location. Thankful that they're located in Pinellas county.
Jared F.
Jared F.
The finest Native Plant landscaping and detail maintenance service in Pinellas. Serving a niche market, it also runs a wholesale Native Plant nursery that supplies to Retailers across Central Florida.

About Us

Wise Hands started in 2019 with the idea that unique, intelligently designed, and ecologically friendly landscapes need regular care by people who know plants. We now offer one-of-a-kind landscape designs using Florida native plants, installation services, restoration work and invasive plant control, and Pinellas County public lands tree planting. Rooted in natural landscapes, our maintenance services include weeding; pruning for health, vigor and aesthetics; and small plantings. We also operate a sister company, Wise Hands Native Nursery, which focuses on growing rare native plants for wholesale buyers. We nourish truly beautiful and unique landscapes with the expertise they need to thrive. Our mission is to create and maintain natural landscapes, Florida native plantings, and wildlife gardens and to help grow a movement toward a synergy between the human and natural environments for the benefit of both. 


As Florida’s natural resources continue to be developed, Wise Hands’ mission becomes ever more critical. As we lose these natural spaces, they are likely lost forever, and we wholeheartedly support wildlands conservation. Alongside this challenge, urban areas and neighborhoods have the opportunity to not only be less taxing on local ecosystems, but to actually provide wildlife habitat, water purification, pollinator support, and so much more. 


Owners Stefan and Malory Babjak, along with their talented crew, can help make your space a place you love to be in and observe for all the life there. 

Meet The Owners

Malory Babjak

Malory’s background is in the intersection of health and food systems. Having been a yoga teacher and studied herbalism, Malory is inspired by the healing power of plants and intact ecosystems. She takes care of the internal operations and social media at Wise Hands. Malory is a certified permaculture designer, FNGLA Certified Horticultural Professional, and she has a Master of Science degree in sustainable food systems. Malory lives in Gulfport with Stefan and their daughter, along with two cats and an urban chicken flock. 

Stefan Babjak

With an eye on growth, Stefan wants to see Wise Hands continue to expand across Florida to tackle the problems he is most passionate about: biodiversity, environmental restoration, ecological resilience, and sustainability. He focuses on training employees, expanding our services, and helping the operation run smoothly. He is a certified arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), an FNGLA Certified Horticultural Professional, and has over eight years of experience working exclusively with native plants. His mission is to help people create beautiful wildlife-friendly landscapes with native plants. Stefan lives in Gulfport with his wife with whom he runs Wise Hands and their young daughter. Stefan has a Bachelor's degree in political science and global studies. He has a passion for Middle East politics and has lived in Israel where he studied aquaponics and algae for biorestoration. He is fluent in Hebrew.

Over 12 Years of Experience

Combined Experience of 12 years of Urban Agriculture, Horticulture Experience, Gardening, Landscaping, Maintenance, and Consultation

Certified FNGLA Horticulture Professional

This is the industry’s only certification program that covers everything from plant selection, plant pests and diseases, and landscape management.

ISA Certified Arborist

The International Society of Arboriculture’s certification program to train and equip professionals to work with trees in the landscape. We provide proper identification, planting, disease and pest management, and care.

Permaculture Design Certified

Design science to create holistic and ecologically synergistic plantings, effective use of resources, and lower maintenance landscapes. Focused on food-bearing plants.

Why Us?


  • Landscape Design & Maintenance

  • Native Plants & Pollinator Gardens Consultation, Design, Planting

  • Tree Consultation & Planting

  • Vegetable Garden Consultation, Design, Planting

  • Herb and Tea Garden Consultation, Design, Planting

  • Aquaponics & Hydroponics Consultation, Design, Build

  • Urban Chickens Consultation, Design, Build

  • Composting Consultation, Design, Build

  • Classes & Speaking Engagements

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