Wise Hands seeks to be a destination company, where you work as part of a great team, are paid fairly, perform diligently, and find fulfilment in your work. We are mission driven to not only plant native yards and restore habitat, but also to help our employees find a meaningful and rewarding career in the native plants industry for the long term.

Our goals are to provide a workplace where learning every day is the norm, everyone contributes to get the job done safely and efficiently, employees can hone their skills and devleop a specialty if desired. We provide continuing education and horticultural certifications such as FNGLA Florida Certified Horticulturalist and GIBMP (Green Industry Best Management Practices). Our team has attended multiple conferences such as FANN (Florida Association of Native Nurseries) meetings, Outdoor CoLab, Trees Florida, and more!

We not only provide in-house and external training, we also provide a workplace where scheduling is predictable, but flexible to personal and family needs with adequate notice. We actively nurture our company culture and make team spirit a top priority.

Meet some of our employees below and see what they have to say about working on the Wise Hands team.


"It's very exciting and rewarding! We work with so many different people, projects, properties, and plants that every day has a little adventure in it!" - Veronika, Operations Manager. With Wise Hands since Feb 2021.


"I feel more appreciated at this job than I ever have in the past." - Gabbie, Foreman. With Wise Hands since Feb 2022.


"I've accomplished a lot in my journey with Wise Hands. Since being here, I've learned a new branch of expertise in invasive removal and native installation. It's both fun and invigorating knowing that our organized hard work is creating a positive impact." - Noah, Install Prep Lead. With Wise Hands since May 2022


"Working for Wise Hands over the past few years has been an extremely rewarding experience for me. I can't be more proud to be a part of such a welcoming and hard working team." - Justin, Foreman, Wild Lands Management Lead. With Wise Hands since May 2020.


"What I like most about working at Wise Hands is the chance to help improve our environment through native landscaping. I also enjoy being surrounded by other native plant enthusiasts and look forward to growing with Wise Hands!" - Tabatha, Administration. With Wise Hands since Feb 2023.


"Working for Wise Hands gives me the opportunity to give back to ecosystems that bring me joy. Bringing life back to the land and learning more about it is where my happiness comes from." - Josh, Gardener. With Wise Hands since Dec 2023.

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